11 April 2012


I hope you all had an amazing Easter! I missed all of you very much. This week was a good week. Remember Adelberto? He was our golden contact we found my first week here but his phone was disconnected. Well we found him this week and marked him for baptism but then his phone was shut off again. He told us things in his life are so hard right now that he couldn’t pay his phone bill. He wants to be baptized so badly but Satan is working so hard to keep him from it. I will keep you updated on him. 
We´ve been working with Vanessa this week and she seriously has the strongest testimony. She truly is my miracle here in Porto. She’s not just a recent convert but also a best friend. I’m going to visit her after my mission when she moves back to Mozambique. She’s always cooking for us and coming with us to teach. I thank my Heavenly Father for her every day. Yesterday for Páscoa (Easter) we had our fast and testimony meeting and then ate at Vanessa’s. She made us lamb. It was the first time I had ever eaten lamb and I loved it. Everything she cooks is amazing.
I’m sorry my email is short again this week. There is never enough time but remember how much I love each of you and that this Gospel is true. We need this Gospel in order to return to our Heavenly Father. It’s so important I might just send missionaries to all of your homes, so watch out. Well at least be nice to them and give them some food.
Have a good week everyone and remember to always have charity and love in your hearts for others.
Irmã Nelson

06 April 2012

General Conference and Happy Easter

I’m so sorry but this week is going to be a little short! HAPPY ALMOST EASTER (pascoa in Portuguese)! AH GENERAL CONFERENCE! ~I was only able to watch one and a half sessions but I loved every minute. Our Prophet and Apostles truly are men called of God and every message is so divinely inspired.

My new companion is amazing! Irmã Young is a small town cowgirl from Delta, Utah and has taught me so much. She gives me hope that I will one day be fluent in Portuguese! It was fun to see a lot of the missionaries from our zone at conference and watch their baptisms. I always get teary eyed watching new converts come up out of the water cleansed through both baptism of water and fire.

Hearing the choir sing "Come Thou Fount" of course made me have he biggest pit in my stomach thinking of my farewell and missing each of you so much. I can’t believe that 6 months ago I was watching conference surrounded my family and friends at the ranch. I love each of you more than I can say. Remember how much the Lord loves you and that you are NEVER alone.

Com amor

End of First Transfer!

I have officially ended my first transfer and Irmã Dos Santos is gone. :( My new companion is Irmã Young. She was in Maderia (an island in our mission) so she won’t get here for another hour or so. I´m so excited to meet her. She is American and I saw a photo of her and that’s all I know. Today has been crazy. All morning we cleaned and organized our apt because my companion had a ton of organizing to do. Then Irmã Palmer (she’s so awesome, we arrived in Portugal the same day) who came here from Viseu (another area about 2 hours away from here) and wanted to hang with me until our companions show up. It’s been fun but a ton of getting lost and running around.

SARA WADDELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIMA PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express how excited I am for you! Missions are amazing and you will change so many lives. You have such a powerful testimony. I must have received at least seven emails about your call. Everyone is so proud of you.

General Conference is this weekend. I´m so excited. They told us that they will have it in English and because of the time difference we will watch the 1st Saturday session at 5 pm on Saturday, the the 2nd Saturday session at 1pm on Sunday, the Sunday session at 5 pm and the last session at 9 pm. They announced our new Mission President. He is from America. It’s definitely a bittersweet thing. I love President and Irmá Torgan...especially when they try to speak English. Hehehe so cute.

We found a lady when we were contacting this week named Paula. Honestly one of my favorite people I´ve met thus far. She was worked with many of the past sister missionaries here in Porto and was almost baptized. But when the sisters left it didn’t happen. Thursday we found her! We’re pretty much obsessed with each other and she can speak a little English. I feel the strongest spirit around her. She brought out this bag with her scriptures, manuals and all her church stuff all delicately covered with pretty paper as covers. She wants to get baptized but she said right now her heart is closed. She feels so alone in her life right now and I tried to explain to her that this is the best time to let the Lord into her life. We´ve only talked to her once but I’m so excited to see her again.

Alright I’m all out of time but I love all of you so much! Honestly, the best emails this week. Thank you all! I’m sorry I never get enough time. I love you all.
xoxo irmã~