01 February 2012

Happy Monday!


Almost two weeks left! I seriously feel like I’ve been here forever. I’m actually really, really nervous for Portugal. The language is very intimidating, but I know Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries but I'm so stoked at the same time.

I can't believe Jami is almost home. You have no idea how much I missed that girl. She means so much to me and her choosing to serve a full time mission has influenced me. I know she will have the most vibrant glow about her and the most powerful testimony. Tiffani sent me her blog post last week about the Savior. I was in tears I felt the spirit so strongly. I know she changed so many lives in Cordoba.

I ran into Jenny and Meags at the Temple yesterday (I died I was so happy)!  By the way thank you for the bag of goodies. The letters from the party crew were hilarious!  It looks like a bunch of nursery kids drew them for me. SO FUNNY.

This week I hosted new missionaries (I also host for the next 2 weeks).  It was super fun!  It was hard seeing them say goodbye to their families and awkwardly trying to change the subject and act like they didn't just leave their family and friends behind for 18 months.  I think I did okay. I saw Sister Whitney Wilde, the cute one that worked at Nordstrom in Orem who is going to my mission but I’m a different Portuguese branch. She is so adorable.  I love her. Also our Stake President’s son Tyler Clason came this week.  I see him quite often, he is a sweet Elder.  Elder David Livingston (a friend of Ramsey Carroll from Newport) came this week as well.  He is heading to Honduras but will spend 3 weeks here and 6 weeks in the Guatemala MTC.  Speaking of Ramsey, Rique is on the exercise and wellness slideshow for new sisters in her exercise clothes. I was like, I know her!!!

I got amazing letters/emails from Sara Little, Sheree, Lexee, Kristin, President Gilbert and Ray this week. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I know this church is true. I know it from the bottom of my heart. I know the Spirit works through us when we want to help others. I am forever indebted to my Savior for His infinite Atonement. I love Him with all of my heart. I love this work and I can’t wait to teach the people of Portugal! 

Irmã Nelson

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