25 January 2012

My Joy Is Full


Greetings from the good ole' MTC. The days and months go by slow but the weeks fly by. I still don't understand how that works but it does. The language is going well.  The things I struggle with the most are tenses, reading the scriptures in Portuguese and just straight up trying to understand when people talk to me really fast. I speak it just fine :) But I'm not worried! I improve every week and continue to feel the Spirit every lesson. Speaking of the Spirit, yesterday the General Primary President came to speak to us in Relief Society. She was amazing. She showed a video clip that you may have seen.  It is called "My Joy Is Full".  It’s just a short video of Christ visiting the people and letting them touch His wounds. I literally cried through the entire thing. The video was so powerful (please watch it) and so was her talk. We were able meet her afterwards and I seriously hugged her for an entire minute.  It was the closest I felt to hugging my mama and I lost it.

Thank you so much for you letters and emails.  I love you all.  The Gospel is true.


Irmã Nelson

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  1. love this video. made me cry. love and miss you sister nelson!


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