10 January 2012

WeeK Four


What's up outside world?  I miss everyone so much! This week was good, it flew by SO fast!  I can't believe I'm almost to my half way mark.  On Saturday I will only have one month left in the MTC!  I'm kind of in mourning though; half of our branch left and I was very close to many of the missionaries in the branch.  Big Nick (Elder Hopkins) left for Montana and John Sheen leaves for Oregon TOMORROW!   My friend Tysen arrived at the MTC this week so that makes me happy.

The Provo Temple finally opened so we were able to go this morning at 6:30am.  It was so great.  I've missed the temple so much. It definitely made my entire week. I'm bummed because everyone talks about how good the food is in the Temple cafeteria but it’s closed on Mondays which is our p-day. Our district gets very excited to have our Temple walk on Sunday because we are able to leave the MTC grounds.

UMMMMMM you can totally tell that we've been here too long. Our humor has gone way down hill and my district and I think the most ridiculous things are now funny and entertaining.  

My companion still rocks. She said this is the longest she has ever been around someone and she still likes me. :)
I'm getting better with the language.   Some nights it's discouraging when you think you should know more by now than you do, especially when someone speaks in Portuguese who is really good and you're like uhhhhh, what the heck did you say? I ONLY UNDERSTAND BROKEN AMERICAN TRYING TO SPEAK PORTUGUESE-PORTUGUESE!  I'm sure it will come so I'm not too worried.

On a more spiritual side, this week we were constantly being taught about receiving revelation through prayer.  It is so true!  If you pray for inspiration for your investigators and their needs you really do receive answers!!!  I love it.  It makes missionary work worth it.  We usually teach different investigators 2-3 times a day and my favorite topic to teach is the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I love inviting the Spirit into our lessons and helping them feel our Savior's love.

I have become obsessed with scripture study.  It's become my favorite part of the day.  I am in Alma chapter six and I'm loving it.  I seriously have such a testimony of the scriptures and of their truth. I LOVE IT! I received a letter from little Jenn today (serving in the Paris mission).  She seriously is one of the strongest Sisters I've ever met.  She is so spiritual and has an amazing testimony that makes my testimony stronger. 

Thank you everyone for your sweet letters. It means so much to know that you are thinking of me.  I pray for all of you so many times a day.  You are all amazing and inspire me to be a better missionary. It really is true about missionary work and obedience; if you obey with exactness you will experience wonderful blessings.

 LOVE YOU ALL!  Please send me pictures when you get a chance and it you want to write please do it through dearelder.com so I have time to read them.

Irma Nelson

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