18 January 2012

One Month Down


How is everyone?

Can you believe it's been a month? I miss everyone so much! This week went by so fast. The language is coming along and my knowledge of the gospel is improving. It's crazy when you're here for nine weeks all the Elders and Sisters that come and go and we still have so much time left in the MTC. In some ways I feel like I've been here FOREVER but with my small knowledge of Portuguese I feel like I've been here for only a short time. I seriously can't tell you how much all the mail I receive means to me. All of you're testimonies strengthen mine!

We got our new teacher last week, Brother Mateer who is from Scotland and served with Mac Cobb. He's a great teacher and takes the Gospel very seriously which is exactly what we want in an instructor. My other teacher which we've had since day one is also amazing. She served her mission in Brazil so her accent is a little different but we learn just fine.

Our district continues to get closer everyday and we had a little party on Saturday with all the stuff mom sent. My roommates were so thankful for the cards and lotion. I ran into Emily at the temple yesterday and I about died. She is such a loving friend and she brought me some diet coke! It was so nice to see her and take some cute pictures.

I'm still obsessed with my companion. We get along so well and quote movies and YouTube all day. She's so amazing in lessons and is so good at the language. One thing I've learned in a discussion is it doesn't matter as much if you are fluent or not, but if you invite the Spirit and truly show love to your investigators by testifying this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and our purpose in life is to return to Our Heavenly Father, they will feel the Spirit and that's why they continue to invite you back. They may not understand half of the things you said but they felt the powerful feeling of the Holy Ghost testifying our message is true.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity to be here. I thank my Heavenly Father over and over for all His blessings and for calling me to serve. I can't wait for Portugal. I can't wait to meet and fall in love with the people. We are ALL God's children and deserve to have this Gospel. And I'm lucky enough to bring it to them. I'm continuing to fall in love with the scriptures and I know without a doubt that they are the word of God. I love all of you so much.
You are all in my prayers. Keep the Faith :)
Irmã Nelson

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