01 March 2012

Bom Dia!!

BOM DIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So much has happened this week. Thank you everyone for your sweet emails they are so encouraging!
So to answer some questions, my health is good I can walk for hours and it doesn´t bother me a bit. These boots may ware out soon but I guess that’s part of being a missionary. It´s still pretty hard to communicate with my companion, it really is like a guessing game and charades. But my companion had a quote in the MTC on a magnet she loved. It said that "life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. 
We met a man named Isaque from Brazil the other day on the rua (street) and taught him a couple of days later in a park. While my companion was teaching the 1st lesson and I tried acting like I knew that she was saying a pigeon pooped all over her. It was so sad but she wiped it of her face (it was everywhere in her mail, on her face, on her clothes) (I hate pigeons btw) and kept on teaching. She really is such an example to me as a missionary. She’s a great teacher and so obedient. One day we will communicate really well.
Some of the things I love about Porto; obviously the people here worship soccer (futebol) and the stadium here like owns the cardinals stadium. When a game is one no one is out on the streets and they’re all completely focused on TVs inside restaurants cafes and bars. It’s hilarious. But also makes proselyting a little tricky. Another thing I love here is obviously the bread and all the building have these beautiful wall tiles. I want them on my future house. 
One night as we were heading home we met a man named Adelberto. We have taught him two times now and he already wants to be baptized. We´ve set a date for the 10 of March and we threw a little birthday party for him (we couldn’t actually stay) at the center for jovens (youths), he was turning 22. The youth center is under our chapel. It is for LDS and non LDS people 18-30 to hang out, etc. and a senior couple serves and cooks them food on Fridays and Saturdays. They have a ton of jovens. He was awesome and will be the first person that I street contacted and hopefully gets baptized. 
Yesterday at Sacrament Meeting the Bishop had me share my testimony with the Ward in Portuguese and everyone came up to me after and told me I spoke really well. But I still can´t understand anyone. But I’m getting there. I love our little English Gospel Essentials class. Elder McConkie taught us and he is so knowledgeable about the Gospel. Oh and I was informed at church by the Bishops wife that she will be helping me learn the Porto accent. She said that in Porto it is rude to use voce and tu (their forms of you). So basically I have to start all over again. I have to use senhor and senhora always. They are extremely formal here and their accent is nearly impossible to master. So that’s going to be fun.
Well, I’m all out of time but I love you all. I’m so glad to hear Jami Pond and Richard Cunningham are home and well and that Darien’s baby is perfect. Courtney filled me in on all the celeb gossip and mom always updates me on Mitt Romney.
Thank you all for your prayers--
This week in the scriptures I read section 31 of the D&C and put my name in instead of Thomas Marsh and it brought me so much comfort. I`m also reading in the Gospels right now in the book of Luke. I love reading about the life of our Savior. He was so selfless and leads by example always. I’m so grateful for Him and His atoning sacrifice. He loves all of us so much.
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and you´re always in my prayers
Irmã Nelson

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