06 March 2012

Pics from Portugal!

Presidente and Irmã Torgan

first companion- Irmã  Dos Santos

Porto's church building

BOM DIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love all of your emails. They seriously make me miss all of you so much. Thank you for remembering me. Okay we are really limited on time today but I will fill you in on our week.
The language is still hard but I´m beginning to understand a little better. Everyday with the Lord's help I will continue to learn more and more. Some days are hard and I think to myself that I will never become fluent in the language but then I remember all of your encouraging words and I feel much better. I absolutely love being a missionary and in time I will learn everything I need to know.
Last pday was awesome after I finished writing you guys. my comp and I walked around Mercado do Bolhão. It’s really pretty.We went in to a huge Catholic cathedral and the people inside stared at us because of course they know who we are. My companion let me go into Zara and I found a killer skirt for $5. I was pretty happy about that.Then we went to this store called Continente which is like Wal-Mart Super Store plus Target. So big and overwhelming.I finally saw the dried cod situation. So bizarre. So much fish.
The bus drivers (motoristas) here are so glam. They wear massive trendy shades and have Euro hawk haircuts. One had really long hair with a plastic headband. So funny. They never smile, they´re just too cool.
We were a little sad this week, several of our appointments fell through. We have people that we pray for each week that we want to be baptized called Revelados.We had a couple (Annabel and Manuel) and their daughter who have been in church the last two Sundays.We stopped by their house everyday and some times twice a day and they were never home (I felt like such a stalker, but my comp and district leader told us to do it).We called them over and over and they wouldn’t answer.A sister in our ward sent us to her (Claudia) granddaughters house and we get to the door and her little boy answers the door.Then Annabel comes to the door and Claudia comes to the door and screams at us to go away and slammed the door in our face.I was so sad.Then it started raining and the bus stop was a mile away. It was a great time. But we just calmed down and ended up laughing about it while we walked in the rain. Adelberto didn’t come to church this week so we have to push his baptism date back another week. Hopefully he is still doing well.We haven’t heard from him in two days.
Well I have got to go. Thank you all for everything. I´m so grateful for this Gospel and my opportunity to serve. This mission is teaching me so much and I´m having so much fun learning a new culture. The work is so amazing and it is such an honor to teach about God and His beloved Son everyday. I know this Church is true with all of my heart.
I miss you all.~
irmã nelson

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