21 March 2012


Ah today has been so great. And getting on email and seeing your emails makes me giddy. Seriously everyone stares at me in the internet cafe because I’m grinning and giggling with my face two inches from the computer screen. No kidding. Well the creepy guy with dreads next to me is into it...anyway thank you for all the updates! I can’t stop apologizing for the lack of responses to emails. They are so long and full of awesome detail that I would need an entire week to write what I would actually like to write back. BUT I need to clarify real quickly. When I sent my address I wrote it wrong and just now caught it. 
It’s Ornelas not Omelas.....but I’ve still been getting everything! The mailman must know that I just don´t know how to read.

This week we found Francisco, a single father from Angola and he brought his daughter to church yesterday and calls us his angels! Hopefully everything turns out okay!

Okay so yesterday we ate at our Bishop’s house after church it was really good and they are all about manners. They all eat with a fork and a knife here and it’s rude to just use a fork. You have to use
your knife to scoop your food onto the fork. It’s very hard for me. They totally knew I had no idea what I was doing cause I was just holding the knife pretending to use it. And when you want more food you like place your silverware a certain way and when you’re done you put them pointing to the left and parallel? News to me. Vanessa started fighting with me because she said these are universal manners and people in America do it too....um I’m from America and I’ve never see anyone do this. She was like then how to people know you’re done eating? And I was like idk you say you’re done and stop eating? And she was like NOOOOOOO. And I was like YESSSSSSS. Am I the only person
in the world that didn’t know this?! Whatever, she’s never been to America. When I come back I’m not using a knife.

In other news I have an addiction to pastel de natas. Google them. I have like two a day. Irma Dos Santos says I have a problem.... I say I’m only in Portugal once. Works for me.

Our ward is taking a Temple trip next month to Madrid and every time some one talks about it I die a little inside. I want to go so BAD. You have no idea how much I miss the Temple. I can´t wait to be able to go again. I haven’t heard any updates on the Temple in Lisboa. But its already my favorite in the world...next to Mesa and Oakland.

GENERAL CONFERENCE is SO SOON! I´m dying I´m so excited. I miss watching it being surrounded by my family and friends eating a massive breakfast in our pj´s. But no matter where you are watching
conference, the message is the same. I invite EVERYONE members and non members to watch.
They will be broadcasting it in the chapel here and in the garage they will have it in English! I’m actually excited cause the senior couple is making food and there are couches in the garage :) score.

Finally.... I´ve been impressed to tell all of you about being a missionary. Missionary work is nearly impossible with out help from the members. References and having members present makes all the
difference in conversion. I challenge all of you to be missionaries. Talk to everyone you know about the Gospel. NEVER be ashamed of your faith. Yes we can be shy sometimes but we need to understand this Gospel is MANDITORY for EVERY soul. And if we don’t share it with others His Kingdom won’t grow. It we want to be with our families forever we need to do all that we can to share the Gospel. And it all starts with being an example. When you live your life worthy of the
Holy Ghost people will feel it and it will spread and your light will shine. Others will see that light and want to be a part of it. Be friends with the missionaries in your area. Form strong relationships
and introduce them to you´re friends. I love you all and because I love you I want all of us to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Please have a good week :)
beijinhos (kisses)
Irmã Nelson

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