27 May 2012

5+ months down!

Can you believe I´ve already been on my mission for five months and in Portugal for three? Some days I feel like I have lived here forever and others I feel like I just arrived.
Getting to Skype my family yesterday for Mother’s Day was so fun. Seeing your faces was exactly what I needed. You all know exactly what to say to make me feel better and carry on. I don´t know what I did to be so blessed to have such a great family.

This week was really good. We have several investigators marked for baptism and I’m so stoked. Everyday I’m growing better in the language and in my knowledge of the Gospel. I know I will never be perfect
but I will never stop working hard and learning from my mistakes. If we truly pray for the Lord to help us He will prepare a way. The rain finally went away and now it’s really sunny and hot.
Really hot, but I love it. I’ll take heat over cold any day. I’m sorry my email won’t be very long today but know that I love all of you very much. I’m so happy to be here in Porto and to be serving another
transfer with my companion. She helps me so much. I love you all and miss you. Have an amazing week. You’re always in my prayers

Irmã Nelson

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