11 May 2012

Bed Bugs and Baptism!

To answer your question, yes I still have bed bug bites. They won’t go away. Irmã young wrapped me in Neosporin and gauze last night to keep me from scratching them.....it’s better than the cone of shame.
LUCIA GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY! I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful baptism. She is my angel. Every hard day of my mission is worth it to see her make this covenant with our Heavenly Father. I was dying laughing because when she put on the baptismal clothes she started doing karate kicks and HIE-YAS all around the dressing room. I love my crazy Lucia. Then she ran around the lawn outside the chapel while we were taking pictures and wanted pictures with a basketball she found nearby. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. She was baptized by this cute young Brazilian named Lindenburg. He and his wife are in our Ward. He has an adorable little wife named Preggo. We love them so much. She’s the one who started giving me a manicure during FHE a couple of weeks ago. We’re going to buy a white little dress today for their baby’s blessing.
At the baptism I gave a talk on baptism and our Ward Mission Leader spoke on the Holy Ghost. It was so funny; Lucia’s feet went flying in the air when she went under the water so they had to do it again. She’s the cutest little thing. She weighs probably 80 pounds. I made chocolate chip cookies and the entire ward was obsessed with them and wants the recipe (And you thought I couldn’t cook). They call them "bolachas Americana’s." They don’t bake chocolate chip cookies here and chocolate chips don’t exist here either.  
Lucia and her husband fed us after church. Her husband agreed to let us teach him one lesson if he could take us on a drive by the beach and the river. It was the most beautiful sight ever. I’m in love with Porto. Transfers are Monday and I hope I don’t get transferred. There are still so many people here I need to see baptized. We have some awesome new investigators that are so ready to be baptized. 
Ah I love being a missionary. I was a little run down this week but our Ward Mission Leader Irma Carvalho gave me a blessing and I’m feeling so much better. I have a strong testimony of the power of the Priesthood. We need to take advantage of it more often and all worthy Priesthood holders should use this amazing power more often as well to bless the lives of those around them. 
I’m so sad the senior couple here, the McConkies, are leaving tomorrow. They were my family when I first arrived in my area. They are such amazing people and I will miss them so much.
I received an unexpected package of letters from the Tempe University 4th Ward this week. It was so randomly perfect. Thank you so much.

This Church is so true. I know it with all my heart. My testimony gets stronger each day. I’m so honored to be doing the Lord’s work here in Portugal. Thank you for all your letters and prayers.
I love you
Irmã Nelson

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