11 May 2012

the work is marvelous

HELLO!!!I´m sorry I didn´t write yesterday we had zone conference and interviews with President Torgan! Honestly President Torgan is one of the most amazing men I know. (next to my daddy of course) He is so close to the spirit and constantly telling us that nothing is possible without faith in the Lord. Reading Ether 12 &chapter 9 in preach my gospel has become a daily thing for me. I’m so obsessed with the scriptures and Preach My Gospel it’s not even funny. They have answers to EVERYTHING. PMG is not just for missionaries. EVERYONE should be reading this book. Please use this book along with your scriptures and it with amplify your study and help you serve others.

THIS WEEKEND WILL BE MY FIRST BAPTISM! she is seriously the CUTEST little thing you have ever seen. Her name is Augusta and she about 4.5 feet tall and is 78 years old.  She lives alone and the first day we met her she asked us to live in her big house with her. She always calls us her maninas (girls) and she basically contacted us! We were waiting at the bus paragem (stop) last week asked about the book in our hands and our names tags. Ever since we have been teaching her (she was stanch catholic so she’s still trying to understand everything she still thinks we need a papa (pope) but we explained that a prophet is called of God and not elected by the people like the pope. She has already come with us to sacrament once, a church relief society activity and President Torgan gave a fireside in our stake on Sunday and we brought her to that. After the activity on Friday we asked her if she would be baptized next Sunday and she said yes! she always carries the book of Mormon in her purse and read all the pamphlets we gave her before she goes to bed. she always likes to walk with her arm linked with mine and told me she has a facebook! I’m obsessed with her!

last Sunday we ate with Lucia’s family. She is such an amazing person and has so much love for others. We´re helping her prepare for baptism she’s so close! I love her very much. the bed bug problem is getting better since we don’t have a washing machine the sister in our ward took all our linens etc to be washed. the bites are slowly going away. and I haven’t found any new ones.... yet.

Every time I think if the bed bugs I think of jay on his mission when he told me that they’re clever & crawl up the wall to the ceiling and fall back onto the bed.  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! stupid little guys stop biting me.

today we only get 3 hours instead of a regular pday so I apologize for not writing much. this work is so hard but I’ve never been happier in my entire life. you care SO much about your investigators that you begin to forget about yourself. but that’s what we learn in the scriptures if we lose ourselves in the service of others we find ourselves.

I love you all so much it hurts. I can’t thank our Heavenly Father enough for all of you. I don’t know what I did to have such an amazing family and friends. thank you for  everything you do and your prayers I feel them every day. I also thank him for the amazing companion I have. She teaches me so much everyday and helps me to keep focused on my purpose. This Work really is marvelous. I couldn’t be more lucky to be serving in this beautiful country. At times it doesn’t even feel like work but if were not working were not doing our job.

We are on the Lords errand and I only get 18 months to serve. Thank you for all of your examples I love you so much.

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